Asset Verification

Detective for Asset Verification

Asset tracing Services are designed to locate and identify company or individually held assets such as real estate property, vehicles, business ownership interest, income sources, and liabilities such as civil litigation, judgments, tax liens, defaults and bankruptcies.

ACI's expert forensic accountants use acclaimed investigative and surveillance techniques, follow complex financial trails to help track assets and ascertain whom they are registered, whether individuals, companies or corporations.

Our detectives help you in solving cases similar to:

  • Company Accounts: A detailed investigative report on various company assets and provident funds is acquired by the detectives. All information on private as well as public organizations; business partners are processed.

  • Property Paperwork: The investigation leads to the collection of information of the company owner or cost estimation of property or shop. Information is supported by photographic and video evidence as the case may be. This adds to the authenticity and is often required in the long run for a successful business.

  • Bank Account Details: Details of various accounts in banks is very important. Fixed deposits, current account, savings, etc, are also vital and thus, these information are processed and recorded. Mumbai detectives provide a unique solution for all your banking problems and aid you in proper service.

ACI compiles all evidence and asset search findings within the law and fully prepared to be presentable in court. Our knowledge of global banking practices and international law gives us an advantage in tracing difficult to find assets, wherever they may be held.


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