Cheating Partners

Investigation on Cheating Partners

Are you suspicious that your partner maybe cheating on you? Do his / her actions appear suspicious? Chances are your instincts are right and it is imperative that you verify the facts and obtain as much evidence as possible. In the long term this will provide you with peace of mind and will clear your doubts. Also, if you were to falsely accuse your partner, it may result in an irretrievable breakdown in your relationship.
This is where the expert investigators at ACI will come handy.They will work discreetly, confidentially, and efficiently help you not just to discover the truth, but to prove it or clear your unfounded doubts. These detectives employ the following procedures in their methods:
These detectives employ the following procedures in their methods:

  • Shadow the suspect
  • Record and maintain all the activities of the day
  • Gather evidence in the form of video and pictures
  • Submit the information collected to you

With their latest gadgets and technology it is not difficult for the detectives to track the suspect. They maintain professionalism and are discreet in their operation. The detectives in Mumbai have well connected sources and networks. They provide fast and efficient service. All this is available at a reasonable price. In this way you can find out if your partner is cheating on you.


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