Pre & Post Employment Verification

Detective for Pre & Post Employment Verification

ACI is an industry leader in development and delivery of compliance-focused, employee screening solutions specifically designed to cut costs and save time.
It is absolutely critical that your organization runs a verification on the person you are about to hire. This is known as pre employment verification. ACI uses very effective investigative procedures which include:

  • Document verification
  • Resume authenticity
  • Background check

All the people coming to seek job in your company may not be telling the truth. It is really important to have a check run on their documents and claims made on their resume. It is often found that people do not mention everything properly in their respective resume. They might have a criminal or police record which might cause a problem in the name of your company.
Similarly POST-EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION involves keeping track on all activities of an employee who has been discharged from the company. This will avoid the following:

  • Office or company frauds
  • Copyright infringement
  • Theft and mismanagement of company assets

The detectives at ACI are highly accomplished in their field, can track down and uncover any such hidden information about the questioned candidate.
Our mission is to help facilitate and automate the decision-making process of employers and to ensure complete compliance of best ethical practices within your organization.
Our detectives are experienced in handling sensitive and confidential information and understand the importance of fair and accurate reporting.


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