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ACCENT CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION PVT. LTD. was founded by Shailesh Manjrekar who is also the managing director of the Detective Agency in Mumbai. He has ample experience in the detective field and believes in ferreting out the truth with the help of circumstantial evidence and laying it in full view of the Indian public.

The vision statement of the company is well laid- out and diligently adhered to. Our values represent the spirit and strength of our organization. They help shape our behavior and create measurable expectations for clients and employees. Our corporate code can summarize our fundamental values, INTEGRITY, VIGILANCE, and EXCELLENCE: WE WILL FIND YOU.

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The overriding principles of our firm are honesty, consistency and ethical conduct. To uphold our reputation for reliability and accuracy, ACCENT CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION PVT. LTD.places utmost importance on integrity. It has allowed us to sustain our commitment to service, standards and fairness since 2005.


Unparalleled protection requires the tenacity to continually see, hear, evaluate and analyze…over and over. The vigilance instilled in the ACI’s culture means that our agents, analysts and consultants offer clients a level of attentiveness and alertness that – we believe – cannot be equaled by anyone.


It’s crucial to get the job done and get it done right. These are how we earn the privilege of retaining our long-term client relationships.

about-detective-agency-in-mumbaiIncorporating these values Detective agency in Mumbai is ON CALL 24/7 READY TO ASSIST YOU VIRTUALLY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. By leveraging our network of comprehensive knowledge and resources, ACI can access vast amounts of detailed intelligence and provide our clients with more accurate information and analysis. We make it easier to anticipate and react to events that occur nearly anywhere around him.

The promise is to adopt the highest standards of service, to comply with state government laws and regulations whatever the circumstances, and wherever we operate, and to spot and avert lawlessness and wrongful conduct. We also protect confidential information from being exposed by using sophisticated and professional security tools on behalf of our clients. Finally, we are bound strictly to guard your secrecy and confidentiality unless directed to do otherwise by your instructions.

Such content has necessarily updated the information when the event of any secret knowledge is being stored, which has utility in uncovering evidence in the case. When the instances end, the confidential papers are usually made into shreds by the expert security men on the team.

It’s a paranoid world out there, and you live on the edge of fear, suspicion, and anger. No one is what seems to be. Whether it is your employer or your teenage child, they seem to have taken on dual identities, and you are slowly going crazy. Can your spouse be trusted? Similarly, can you confide in your friend or does he belong to the shady underworld? Can you believe in the cab driver, the bus conductor, your seemingly innocuous gardener? Do you really know your employee or swear by your police services and even your partner in business? Do you trust yourself to walk down a deserted road without the fear of being mugged or abducted by drug dealers?

It is no wonder that your mental condition is near phobic. However, our Detective Agency in Mumbai has the exact solution to your constant sense of unease.

For more than a decade ACI has been synonymous with result-oriented Detective services in Mumbai. In that time as a private investigation agency, we have provided reliable and scalable solutions to fit our client’s needs-both corporates and Individuals.

Since that time, ACI has continued to develop and deliver innovative private investigation solutions that allow us to provide our clients with reliable and accurate information.

Our experienced private investigators handle a wide variety of services and deal with a variety of legal matters, too numerous to list completely. Among them may be mentioned pre- and post-marital evidence of fraud and cheating, investigation in the case of a missing individual, court cases involving family matters, surveillance, cases of maintenance in child custody events and many more.

Above all ACI realizes that every case is unique and has to be treated as such to win over your confidence and faith in our services.

We keep your issues in strict confidence.

Last but not the least, we operate on a level of professionalism that produces the desired results, giving you affordable assistance within a reasonable time –frame.

9 Years of Experience

Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

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We at ACI are highly professional and Confidential Detective in Investigation Services in Mumbai.

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We have flexible solution as per client's requirement. Quick Solution with confidentiality is our priority.

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ACI is known as best private detective agency in Mumbai and providing detective services at a competitive price.

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