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Do you need a Private Detective Agency in Mumbai to ensure your child’s custody and maintenance?

detective-for-child's-custodyEvery child deserves to be safe, happy and healthy in a home that respects them and their presence. But sometimes, divorce, abuse, or addiction of the guardian can put that at risk. Children are often disputed area that affects both emotions and money. Unfortunately, children are used as bargaining chips. Parent’s responsibility to protect their children and manage their growth and development continues even though the marriage ends. If you want to ensure that you get your child’s custody so that they’re in safe hands, you need to contact Accent Investigation Pvt. Ltd. We are a detective agency in Mumbai, and we help people in need get their answers and information that benefit them.

What do you need the Best Private Detectives in Mumbai for?

Many individuals have concerns about the custody of their children and what happens to then during court visits. The court makes child custody decisions based on what is in the best interest of the child if the parents can’t agree. Judges are human beings, and they too make mistakes. Unfortunately, at times judges tend to make misjudgment when it comes to child custody. It is not an unusual case where a judge ends up awarding the Primary custody to a parent who might not necessarily be the best guardian to the children. If you suspect that your child is in an unsafe, neglectful or unfit environment with their primary guardian, getting accurate, useful information is paramount to taking effective legal action. Our private detectives in Mumbai will help you get the necessary information for you to take action against what’s wrong.

Why should you choose us?

Our detectives in Mumbai will help you and your attorneys win your child custody case by accessing criminal records, documenting alcohol and drug abuse history and will provide any other background searches that might help prevent potential or continuing child abuse, child endangerment and neglect. Below are some of the many reasons why you should opt for out Detective services in Mumbai.

  1. Proven eminence – We don’t produce results based on assumption and speculations rather we carry out thorough research to know the hidden truth and battle it out to solve your problem. We’re the most reputed detective agency in Mumbai providing comprehensive personal investigation and other detective services with accurate truth. We have built our reputation through our proven integrity and investigative results.
  2. Information gathered is presented to you with facts and figures- Whenever we conduct any personal investigation service we do continuous monitoring and research and once the facts are accomplished we always present it to you by supporting it with video recordings, photos whenever possible. Our private investigation agency takes utmost care to solve your problem as early as possible so that you can lead a trouble-free life. We first understand your hassle and then go through your distinct necessities during the investigation for monitoring and tracking the truth behind the entire problem that you’re facing in your life
  3. Secrecy of information: We understand the need of our clients to keep certain information private from everyone else. We do not put your concerns in the public domain. Our Detectives in Mumbai are highly efficient in rendering the information while keeping the case under covers. The information of your contact with us will always remain between you and us and will never reach to the third party.
  4. On-time: Since you already have court dates to match up to, we have no intentions to bother you anymore. Our team coordinates with your court dates and deliver the best work right on time to help you get justice.

So if you are someone who is having all these troubles or any other reason why you want a Private detective, you should definitely contact the best detective agency in Mumbai and make your case stronger.

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