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Do you need a Detective for a Family Court Case?

detective-for-family-courtAre you someone who is going through a rough patch with all the family troubles? Do your court troubles keep disrupting your day to day life and you want to get over it? We understand that outlaw and enforcement are working their best to give everyone justice and they work hard to gather information but sometimes they might take a little longer and this results in frustration buildup inside the client, and it also gets in the way of your mental peace. In such situations, you need the help of a Private Detective in Mumbai who will help you accelerate the procedure of your freedom from all these troubles. Accent investigations Pvt. Ltd. is the best Detective Agency in Mumbai, and we provide you with not just our services but also the mental peace that comes with it.

Why do you need a detective in Mumbai for your family court cases?

We provide you with a varied range of detective services in Mumbai and are available for your support every day.

If you’re someone who’s going through a divorce and your case is put on hold for some reason, you should hire our Matrimonial Detectives in Mumbai and speed up your case and get over with it. Our Detectives in Mumbai will get you proofs like an extramarital affair, changed sexual orientation or any other complaint that you have. Proofs like pictures, videos will give you a firmer grip on the case.

If you are fighting a case for child custody, you can hire our extremely skilled Private Detectives in Mumbai to help you get the necessary information. Proofs like the other parent is dropping the child off at a relative’s house for hours every day, another parent is involving in activities which are not suitable for children like alcohol and drug abuse, will make sure that you have the upper hand on the case and will ensure that you get the custody of your beloved child.

In case you are facing domestic violence, and you want to raise your voice against it, you must fight it. Even though our policy is very fast acting in such cases, you might want to strengthen your case by backing it up with proofs. This is why you must hire a professional and experienced Detective Agency in Mumbai. We will render you informations with Proofs like medical records, the reputation of in-laws, evidence of blackmailing etc. As hideously inappropriate as this act of domestic violence is, you must raise your voice against this, and we will help you get through with it successfully.

Why should you choose our detective services in Mumbai?

  1. a) Highly efficient staff: We have the best and the most skilled detectives working for us who have an eye for anything suspicious going on in a case. We provide them with the best technology and gadgets and their physically very capable of tasks that involve following around. Even though investigations are a very serious task, our detectives are very client friendly, and they bond with you on emotional levels and connect with your plight.
  2. b) Highly confidential work: We have been running this detective agency in Mumbai for really long, and in all these years we have learned the need of the client to keep the matter under wraps, and we totally respect your privacy. The fact that you have contacted a private detective agency in Mumbai will remain between you and us, and no third party will ever know this.
  3. c) On-time: Since you already have court dates to match up to, we have no intentions to bother you anymore. Our team coordinates with your court dates and deliver the best work right on time to help you get justice.

So if you are someone who is having all these troubles or any other reason why you want a Private detective, you should definitely contact the best detective agency in Mumbai and make your case stronger.

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