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Do you need a Detective for Pre and Post-Employment Investigation?

Are you someone who owns a company or hires people on a daily basis? As it is said, employees are the basic unit and backbone of any company. But what if this backbone starts to get eaten away? What if the employee of the company starts to do a fraudulent activity with the organization? It can be a disaster if the employee shakes hands with a competitor organization.

That’s why it is extremely important for the employer to verify the employees’ identity before recruiting them in their company. The statistics and surveys reveal that today almost 60% of the CVs are fake and are altered and hyped up by the candidates themselves.

detective-for-personal-investigationThese resumes and candidates can be really harmful and create a wrong image of the organization. That is where you need the help of a professional Private Detective in Mumbai who specializes in these areas. Accent Investigation Pvt. Ltd. has the best reputation when it comes to Detective services in Mumbai and we are more than happy to help you do a background check on your potential as well as current employees.

Why do you need Detective services in Mumbai?

Ignoring the integrity of the employees at management level could prove really costly for any company. An employee in a significant position within the company has the potential to cause severe damage. Internal fraud, theft by employees, misappropriation of information, and copyright, patent and trademark infringement can all be an affect of not knowing your employees inside out. As it is said, a company’s security is only as strong as the weakest link.

Our Detectives in Mumbai will help you avoid any of these situations by providing you all the information about your employees. Our Detective services in Mumbai offer a complete solution of employment screening services including pre and post-employment verification of credentials and references, checking of public records and character evaluation.

We dig deep into the authenticity of educational qualifications, family address, financial position, criminal record, medical history and all other details of the employee. Also, in order to keep your company running successfully and minimize the occurrence of a fraudulent activity, it is important for the company to do post employment verification.

Serious issues like mishandling or leakage of information, embezzlement of funds come under the post-employment Investigations. Our Detectives in Mumbai are the best and most experienced you can get. They will help you keep your company safe by providing your top information about the employees.

Why should you choose our Detective services?

Our Detective agency in Mumbai has proved its worth in every case we get. Our Detectives in Mumbai assist you in choosing the right human resource and also to know the details of the existing workforce. We submit to you a comprehensive report on their background, criminal record, previous employment history and educational qualification submitted to you.

Our Detective agency in Mumbai works with you to determine the information you need to make informed and responsible hiring decisions. Below are the reasons why you should hire our Detective agency in Mumbai for your Pre and Post-employment Detective services:

1. Skilled staff: our staffs are extremely skilled and professional when it comes to their job. They have years of experience with these kinds of Investigations.
2. We provide them with the latest technologies and gadgets to aid their Investigation process and they are also physically very capable of tasks like following around the subject.
3. Factual Investigations: whenever we conduct any personal Investigation service.
4. We do continuous monitoring and research and once the facts are accomplished.
5. We always present it to you by supporting it with video recordings, photos, and screenshots where ever possible.

Our efforts are completely based on the task at hand and therefore we do not stick to a single approach of Investigation. We are flexible and often go beyond conventional methods to gather specific information. If you want a background check of your employees, you should definitely give our Detective agency in Mumbai a chance.

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